All about me!


Wow – it’s been a year since I updated this page, so I thought I’d change a few things on here.

I have recently taken flexible retirement from the NHS, and currently work two days a week, from being full-time since 1983! This has allowed me to be able to craft more flexibly and ‘play’ more than previously.

I have been inspired to try many things – from the ‘all in and nothing left out’ versions – to clean and simple cards. I love it all. I will have a go at most genres, and am exploring mixed media at the moment, but I find that stamping and colouring seems to be my main focus.

I started writing this blog in 2016, and didn’t really get into it, until my sister (Quebec, Canada) mentioned challenges. I needed a reason to make cards so I wasn’t wandering around aimlessly creating. I needed a focus, and inspiration – and entering the challenges certainly provide me with that.

I then ‘found’ Instagram – Wow! What an amazing place. πŸ™‚

I’m enjoying being a part of several Design Teams, and find the commenting and the structure and demand of creating cards on a regular basis, generally to a particular theme, to a time-scale, has given me focus and a fabulous creative outlet.

I live in Derbyshire in the UK, with hubby and two cats. The cats try to help me craft sometimes – usually by sitting in front of me – but they can also sit on the top shelf of my Raskog trolley, sit on my Cutterpillar, or sit in a drawer next to me…………

I hope you enjoy looking around my blog, and visiting my Instagram postings. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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