All about me!

(08/07/17) I’ve only just realised that I had put absolutely nothing on this page! I never go to it, and I never think of looking at it, but I am taking some time to re-arrange my blog today – and found nothing here.

Let me change that!

I am a registered nurse and work full time for the NHS in England – and I have done so since I completed my training in 1986! I live near Chesterfield in Derbyshire, and I feel I have been crafting since school days – sewing, cross stitch, but ‘found’ paper crafting and card making whilst taking a ‘forced’ 6 week off work after a back injury on holiday. Thankfully not serious and no long-lasting problems.

That was 10-11 years ago, and I’ve not looked back……………..(no pun intended)

I stated writing this blog in 2016, and didn’t really get into it, until my sister (Quebec, Canada) mentioned challenges. I needed a reason to make cards. I needed inspiration – and the challenges certainly provide me with that.

I have changed what I do, how I make cards, from the ‘all in and nothing left out’ versions – to clean and simple cards. I love it all. I have tried mixed media – but not really my thing – at the moment! Watch this space.

I only have 6 die-cutting machines(!?), and have turned one of our smaller bedrooms into a ‘craft cave’, which I can go to and chill even after a busy day at work. I am glad my hubby supports my craving for crafting. Two puddy tats – big black cats, and you may see one of both of them as I post my blogs. They do like to be with me – or get in the way – which ever you look at it.



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