All about me!


I thought I’d take some time today and up-date this page.

I feel I have been crafting since school days – sewing, cross stitch, but ‘found’ paper crafting and card making whilst taking a ‘forced’ 6 week off work after a back injury on holiday. Thankfully not serious and no long-lasting problems.

That was 11-12 years ago, and I’ve not looked back……………..(no pun intended)

I stated writing this blog in 2016, and didn’t really get into it, until my sister (Quebec, Canada) mentioned challenges. I needed a reason to make cards. I needed inspiration – and the challenges certainly provide me with that.

I have changed what I do, how I make cards, from the ‘all in and nothing left out’ versions – to clean and simple cards. I love it all. I have tried mixed media – but not really my thing. I will have a go at most genres, but I find that currently I enjoy stamping – thank goodness for the Misti – and water-colouring.

I am attempting pencil and alcohol marker colouring on and off, and definitively need more practice with that.

We have one cat, who likes to help me craft,Β or get in the way – which ever you look at it.

I generally give my cards to a charity to sell, or take them into work for my colleagues to have a look at.

I hope you enjoy looking around my blog, and visiting my Instagram postings. Feel free to drop me an email if there are some hints and tips you want to pass onto me, that could make my crafting a little easier.



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