I Adore You

This weekend I have playing with my Altenew stamp set ‘I Adore You’. This is full of flowers of different sizes and shapes, and have found that I enjoy stamping this to create my own background. I have used a variety of colours with a variety of techniques over the weekend.

Some of the cards I have stamped and embossed the flowers, and some – like the card above – just stamped in my Versafine black ink. I tried using normal card to stamp and colour on, but if I want to watercolour the card – then of course I really need to use watercolouring card/paper. Doh!! Of course!! It certainly does spread the ink better, as expected. I don’t really know why I try watercolouring on normal card – except to say you learn by your mistakes.

I smooshed Altenew ink onto my craft sheet, and used a water brush to water it down, then colour the background in. I found the Crafters Companion water colour card is lovely, and I also like the way you can sometimes see the grain on the card, as it all adds to the look and feel, I think. I don’t wet the card before colouring, just take it straight from the craft mat with my brush, and away I go.

Anyway, from the different colour backgrounds, I like the red better, a less vibrant look achieved when watercolouring, which is what I wanted. Quite a muted red, but lets the flowers themselves stand out. As the flowers were in black, I added the sentiment in black also, just to tie things in together. I like the look of the stitched panel, as I didn’t want to add another layer to the card, wanting to keep it quite simple.

I added some clear beads to the front of the card – actually I couldn’t stop adding them. You may think there are too many, but I like the added dimension they give. Looking now at the first picture, I think a little glitter got into the card background – yet another form of dimension I wasn’t planning on. Well, it is hand made, after all.

I may have more time for crafting this week, and you may find there will be more cards here – that’s if my blinking Wi-Fi will play and work even remotely quickly. It’s currently stuck downloading my pictures for the cards from today into my dropbox…..whirly blue wheel going round and round and round…….bear with me for the next installment.




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