Received Snail Mail

A different posting from me today – this is some snail mail I received from Idle Emma at Puddleside Musings who set herself a challenge to send snail mail throughout July – and I have just received her mail! Yay!

The envelope is the picture on the right – the swans. How lovely to receive a letter through the post with this on the back of it. And on the inside – a couple of postcards from her, one of them with a written greeting and ‘musing’ on the back, a fridge magnet, and a bar of chocolate. How this this be a bad thing?!

Idle Emma’s posts are a joy to read, and I have been following her for a while. Her blog is good reading, and concerns mainly planners, and snail mail – with some added points of interest thrown in.

I don’t do planners, but I do enjoy seeing what people do with them – mine is my electronic diary! Quite boring, really.

If you have chance, nip on over and check the blog out……….

Have a good one. 🙂



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