Christmas cards for next year

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I last published anything on here. How does time go so fast? I have been making cards for the charity ‘Neurocare’ to sell, and had a bunch to make for a ‘Ladies Night’ they hosted – so much so that I was running behind making my own Christmas cards for my family and friends.

I was on such a roll making them, that I have some left over that I will save for next year. I have expanded my card making repertoire……I now stamp and colour as much as die cut and mat and layer. I have found I quite like using colour, in particular around Christmas time, but I also play with colour and other stamp sets too.

You can see my original style above – the monochromatic cards with the angel and Christmas tree on them, and then alongside them are the colourful cards using a lot of stamping, but very few layers.

I am glad I have found I can diversify – we can always do with trying something different……I usually see a card I like on Pinterest or YouTube. That gets my creative juices flowing. Sometimes I start by doing what is shown, but I always seem to veer off in my own direction. Generally it’s a different colour, or different layers. Sometimes it is the shape and size of the card, as I like to make larger cards for my family and friends, and smaller cards for Neurocare to sell. The smaller cards are easier and cheaper to post, so I generally don’t put too many layers on them, and therefore it keeps the postage weight down.

All-in-all I have been enjoying playing with different ideas, and different card making techniques. Hopefully, I will be able to share them regularly…..that is one of my New Year resolutions, anyway.



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