Just because cards…..

I was playing around with some dies and found this one again. From ‘Stampin up’, a very cute ‘detailed floral’ thinlit dies. They are so cute, and don’t really need anything doing with them – other than a contrasting background card.

There are two dies, with one edger die which I used to cut the detail at the bottom of the floral design. I made them in bright red, and a deep purple colour, and to add some detail I taped some ribbon to the top wider white area.

It still looked a little plain at the top, so added a sentiment from a Christmas stamp set, which I think works quite well as a ‘just because’ card. Of course, I just had to stamp that with my ‘Misti’ tool, just in case I didn’t stamp it properly the first time, or I wanted a deeper colour. I tend to use my ‘Misti’ a lot, so I don’t waste cards. great tool – I do so recommend it….

On the card with the dazzle gem attached – I made a little boo boo! I smudged some ink – so – one had to cover that up, didn’t one? Dazzler attached. All good.

As a small bunch of everyday cards, just to send someone because you want to, for no specific reason other than to get in touch with them, I think they work quite well…..

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